duck. Duck. Duck. GOOSE!

(or as Mendel says it: Tush. Butt. Toilet. POOP! or some other string of words he deems funny)

The swings are a dangerous place. 

Forty Toes, One Computer to Rule (babysit) Them All.

"Hi! I’d like to order some pants, a shirt, maybe even some shoes…"

"Does this sink make me look fat?"

This is how I feel after proudly arriving an hour and a half early to my 6 o’clock (how is that still a word?!) only to find out it’s actually a 8 o’clock flight…

Raft building. You know, for when the ocean rises and stuff.

I am Zusha. Yes, I see you are pretty much on the floor, but if you don’t get out of my way I will run you over. And then sit on you. Twice.

My kids love when we let them cook. We love when our kids want to cook. Win win. Now we need to convince them that washing dishes is fun…

In honor of French Toast, Zevi made a table. Upon which we feasted on said Toast. Toasted in the French fashion of course. With Grade B Vermont Maple Syrup. Because the French really wanted Vermont (but had to settle for Quebec).