Every boy needs a bow and arrow.

Moving day. We’re stepping off the plateau of life as we know it and it’s scary, crazy, and with G-d’s help, awesome. And we’ll need all the force we can get. 

Adrenaline junkies.

"Attention super-cheap shoppers, there is a free selfie going on in the organic lettuce aisle…"

As Shlomo watches in awe, Zusha climbs to unfathomable heights.

duck. Duck. Duck. GOOSE!

(or as Mendel says it: Tush. Butt. Toilet. POOP! or some other string of words he deems funny)

The swings are a dangerous place. 

Forty Toes, One Computer to Rule (babysit) Them All.

"Hi! I’d like to order some pants, a shirt, maybe even some shoes…"

"Does this sink make me look fat?"